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Update: Here's the transcript!

TM: Special Guest host Teresa Tomio
MBB: Mary Beth Bonacci
RD: Yours truly

TT: Let's go over to, uh, Oklahoma. Robert is calling from Edmond, OK listening on radio station KTLR. Hi Robert!

RD:Hi, how ya doin'?

TT:Good, how are you?

RD: Oh, I'm great. Um, I help with a Catholic website for teenagers called Onerock.com

TT: mmhmm

RD:A lot of the people that converse on the site talk about their struggle with a particular sexual sin that Mary Beth has referred to in her articles as the "M" word.

MBB: Oh yes!

RD: hehheh I believe she wrote about a desire to somehow connect Catholics to eachother who struggle with this sin. I can't exactly remember where, but, I kinda wanted to ask what the progress on that venture was and um because this is a sin that seems to affect a lot of young single Catholics.

MBB:I wrote an article in Envoy...

RD: Th-that's my question.

MBB: Yeah, I wrote an article in Envoy Magazine several years ago, or a couple of years ago. It was actually not just about that particular sexual sin but about sexual sin in general and what a struggle it is and a struggle that I have really never fully appreciated for people who sin who fall into a lifestyle of sexual sin of whatever kind and then need to start over and how really ridiculously extraordinarily difficult that is and not that it's impossible because with God's grace of course, anything is possible. But saying that at the same time I had spoken at a Courage convention and courage is the group the support group for Catholics with a homosexual orientation who want to live chastity. and I've always been very impressed with Courage, and so I said perhaps we need kind of a heterosexual version of Courage so that people who are struggling have other people that they can talk to and have kind of a community they can go to and talk about their struggles. And I really never got past the suggesting it stage because I haven't really figured out how I could make it happen, particularly how I could make it happen in the middle of everything else I'm making happen. But I am encouraging it still. That, if there are people who want to put something like that together. Priests who want to offer that. I think priests would be the best lightning rod to start something like that because they're the confessors. They're the ones who, you know, who are talking to people...

TT: mmhmm

MBB: ...could obviously in the confidential settings, engage the interests and see if there are people who would like to come together to discuss you know, "I'm struggling I'm dating this person..." and to have some accountability.."Well, w'ere going out tonight" "Well what are your plans?" "Well you got a lot of unstructured time. You might have a problem there. You might wanna look at this" just and again, not to get real detailed but just to offer a kind of companionship and fellowship and support to make that struggle easier. So, I still strongly encourage that. I haven't figured out really how I can help but I'm highly in favor of it

TT: Thanks, Robert.

RD: Alright, thanks alot

TT: We appreciate your phone call.

MBB: Yes, very much.

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