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The Official Robert Diaz FAQ
Section One: Vital Statistics

1.0 What is your name?
Robert Antonio Ramos Diaz

1.1 Describe your appearance
5'5'' to 5'7'' depending on which doctor I go to. I have black/brown hair with some grey hairs. dark brown eyes. I have a large build. I wear glasses.

1.2 What's your nationality?
American. I am of Mexican descent. Some spanish, I've been told some indian, and very little french.

1.3 What's your birthday
May 13, 1981. Yes, the day Pope John Paul II was shot.

1.4 Do you have any aliases?
Rob, Robby, Bob, Bobby, Bobberino, Bobbo (call me that and I'll kill you), Tex, Bubba (ditto for that one), Inspector Gadget

Section Two: Affiliations

2.0 What are your religious leanings?
Catholic. Not "Roman Catholic" because that's a derogatoury term. Just, Catholic. With a Big C.

2.0.1 Are you going to be a priest?
I am discerning that, yes.

2.0.2 Are you going to get married?
That is also a possibility.

2.0.3 What are you going to name your kids?
The first one will be named Robert, if I have a daughter, I'd like to name it after my mother, Elva. Any other names will be debated and fought over by my wife and I. I will name the child as is tradition in the family.

2.1 What are your political leanings?
Conservative. I don't claim a particular political party

2.1.1 Why?
Because I believe blindly following politicians is dangerous.

2.1.2 So you're closed-minded?
No. I'm open minded. I just close it on something I find to be solid.

2.2 What is your philosophy on life?
I'm Catholic. I tend to believe that everything in some way points to God. I believe that anything that a man does physically also affects him spiritually and mentally. The same goes for the spiritual and the mental. Sin is the cause of all the world's problems. If you're a Catholic and don't hold all the beliefs that the Church upholds, you're a heretic. I hate hippies.

2.3 What historical figures do you look up to?
The Blessed Virgin, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Jude, St. Michael the Archangel, All saints, Our current pope, G.K. Chesterton,

Section Three: Education

3.0 Where have you attended school?
Oak Hills Terrace Elementary, St. Luke's Catholic school, Braun Station Elementary, John Marshall H.S.

3.1 Where do you attend college?
I was attending the University of North Texas. An unreported severe mental breakdown that manifested itself in severe agoraphobia caused me to fail that year. I am not enrolled in any college currently because I'm trying to pay off my debt. My goal is to eventually go to Franciscan University of Steubenville. In the meantime, I'm aiming for University of Central Oklahoma.

3.1.1 What are you majoring in?
I was majoring in music. I'm considering majoring in philosophy to help with my religious vocation. Currently, I'll say I'm undecided.

3.1.2 What are you going to do with that?
Not a clue.

3.2 Where do you live on campus?
I don't.

Section Four: Likes/Dislikes

4.0 Favorite movies?
Minority Report, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 12 Angry Men, The Bells of St. Mary, The Song of Bernadette, The Shawshank Redemption, The Scarlet and the Black. Many others.

4.0.1 Least favorite movies?
Anything that bashes the Church, American Beauty, Chocolat

4.1 Favorite television shows?
Alias, CSI, CSI: Miami, Good Eats, Just about anything on Adult Swim, Invader Zim, Everybody Loves Raymond, and yes, I even like As Told by Ginger. I like cartoons.

4.2 Favorite actors and actresses?
Jim Caviezel, Mel Gibson, Jennifer Garner (hubba), Monica Belucci (yum)

4.3 Favorite types of music?
Mostly Christian rock, Old school R&B, Jazz, disco, funk, Gregorian chant, classical music, oldies, Country, good bands that aren't quite famous. Destination Known, and Rhythm are good examples.

4.3.1 Favorite musical artists?
In no particular order: Rockapella, The Manhattan Transfer, Asleep at The Wheel, Plumb, The Benjamin Gate, Crispin, Billy Joel, Petra, Chanticleer, Allison Krauss & Union Station, many others

4.3.2 Favorite songs?
Regina by Crispin, Good Enough to Keep by Manhattan Transfer, Biebl's Ave Maria, Pange Lingua, Close the Door by Teddy Pendergrass, Feeling Stronger Every Day by Chicago,

4.4 Favorite foods?
My own pot roast, My mother's cooking, BBQ Chicken, stovetop mac & cheese

4.4.1 Least Favorite foods?
Apple Sauce, Jell-o, guacamole (I've tried it, I like it, I just can't trust anything that shade of green), incorrectly cooked green beans

4.5 Favorite season?
Spring, winter

4.6 Favorite sports?
Football, baseball, basketball

4.7 Favorite politicians?
Alan Keyes, J.C. Watts, Bob Dornan, any other conservative hispanic or black man labeled a "race-betrayer" by dumbass unions or any man hated by Jesse Jackson

4.8 Favorite pundits, commentators, and journalists?
Ann Coulter, Bob Dornan, Neil Cavuto

4.9 Groups/people you tend to dislike?
Democrats - In their platform, they hate the laws of God, therefore they hate God.


Catholics who have issues with the church and still call themselves Catholic. If you think you're still as much a Catholic as me and you think homosexuals are an okay thing, or premarital sex is good, then you're not a Catholic. You're a heretic. Yes, I'm intolerant of sin.

Section Five: Twentysomething Stuff

5.0 Do you have a lot of friends?

5.1 What do you think of alcohol?
It's good in moderation. I only have one beer if it's offered, if I feel in the mood for a mixed drink, I like Gin and Tonic.

5.2 What about smoking?
It's sinful.

5.2.1 Afterthought: Do you support "sin taxes?"
Yes, yes I do. They'll really only affect those who don't know how to control their drunkenness or cancerous smoking habits. Tax the hell out of the stupid. I can't stand stupid people.

5.3 Do you have a girlfriend?

5.4 Do you have a boyfriend?
Hell no.

5.5 Are you looking?
Not actively, but I'd like someone if they'd be willing.

5.5.1 What are you looking for?
Practicing Catholic, conservative, straight, preferably a virgin, fun, well read and intelligent, non-smoker, not "actively unattractive".

5.6 Sex?

5.6.1 Very funny. Sex?
Only if I'm married.

5.6.2 Grrr. How do you feel about sex?
Sex is sacred and is only for the confines of marriage. I'm not repressed, I just believe that sex is so beautiful it's miraculous. It's also dangerous if practiced out of the context of the marital embrace

5.6.3 You're very difficult, you know that?
Yes. :-)

5.6.4 Wow. Are you a Puritan?
No. I love sex, I just know how to put it in it's proper place.

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