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I'm typing this in the computer lab. It's a nice luxury having three hours in between two of your classes. I am of course (ahem) using it to study...

So, the other day, I got in an argument with my history teacher. He tried to say that Martin Luther was a good Catholic. "No he wasn't!" I said. Well, he tried to bargain with me on what to call him. Eventually we settled on "a devout man". I would have preferred scrupulous, anti-semetic heretic, but, I figured I shouldn't push my luck.

Anyway, today he asked to speak to me after class. I was a bit scared as you can imagine. However, when I went to his desk, to my surprise, he apologized to me! He apologized for calling Martin Luther a devout Catholic, and said that he was simply trying to generalize to get the story going faster. Apparently, the guy has gone to Notre Dame and did know better. I thanked him for his apology, and left a very pleased man.

It's funny, a year ago, I would have been too scared to say anything. It must have been a grace of some sort that gave me the bravery to stand up to my history teacher.

It's a good day so far.

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