I apologize for not writing.

Last night, Chris Padgett of Scarecrow and Tinmen came to talk to the Catholic Campus Center. He talked about his conversion, sang a few songs and even led the music for mass. Tim Mason, President of Onerock, asked me to get an interview with him.After his talk, I asked him a few questions, but was unable to finish my interview because Shawn wanted everyone to pause for a pizza break. After we all ate, he sang a few songs and led us in a bit of praise and worship. I think everyone responded well to his talk. I'm certainly glad I recorded the whole thing.

Unfortunately, I now have the unhappy task of transposing everything he said on the tape into a coherent interview. It took me two hours to just type the small 45 second blip that Mary Beth Bonacci said in response to my question on Catholic Answers Live, now I have almost 10 minutes to transpose! I better get typing.

He gave me a free copy of his new solo CD, Golden, and said he really enjoyed my singing voice. He told me to email him with anything else I might want to ask him. Since a few songs of his are about to be bought by the evil OCP, I might ask him some liturgical music.

If you have any questions you think I could ask him, don't be afraid to leave them in my comment box. I highly recommend his CD and any work he's done with Scarecrow and Tinmen.

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