I passed my History test with a C. I'm not happy about it, but I'm counting my blessings because I didn't even deserve it due to my lack of studying. While God gave me a gift for absorbing large chunks of information in short amounts of time, I've learned my lesson, and will try not to depend on my last minute prayers to St. Jude and St. Joseph of Cupertino to always come through.

I got a number from the girl who sits next to me in history. I'll try to set up a time to study with her for the geography test which I have to take before October 27th. I'm pretty sure that I'm doing well in all my classes so far. Please keep me in your prayers if you read this blog. I really want to do well in college this time.

Also, on a smaller note: Someone pray that I find my Miraculous Medal. I lost it, and would really like to find it soon.

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