All Saints Party


So, the other night, I went to this All Saints Party. I had been invited by my friends two nights before, and I needed to find a costume ASAP. I finally decided to go as St. Crispin, patron saint of cobblers. I found a shirt from this old midaevil costume I had in my closet and put an apron on. Then, I carried a shoe around.

Anyway, Joe picks me up and after two hours of driving, we finally get to the place which is in the middle of po-dunk, OK. I have no idea where we were. We were surrounded by grass and dirt roads as far as the eye could see. When we finally got there, I saw all sorts of saints walking around. I finally saw my friend Graham, who was dressed as St. John Birchmans. The winner of the night was some guy going around as St. Dennis. He even had his head in his arms, it was very cool.

The party wasn't too bad at first. There were neat Catholic trivia games like Saints BINGO, and fishing for virtues. After each game, you'd get a ticket to collect and eventually buy a prize. I got myself a pack of Saints trading cards and a book of children's stories.

Unfortunately, there were a few people there who were of the kooky rad-trad variety. Now, I knew that most of them were members of the local FSSP church, St. Michaels. But just because a church is legit with the pope, doesn't mean it's parishioners are. I must say, their attitude towards the Novus Ordo mass, the Holy Father and how we as Catholics should interact with the world was a bit off-putting. The most troubling thing I recieved was a small cassette tape. On the tape was a website, one I won't list here, which calls John Paul II an anti-pope.

In spite of the kooks, I had an okay time with my very sane friends. I think I'll go again next year as St. Gaspar del Bufalo and send Fr. Keyes a picture. I liked being asked who I was. Being a lesser known saint, helps people learn more about that particular person.

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