Undeveloped Thought...


...that I need to save for later.

Occasionaly, I'll read, write or think about something that sends me off on a tangent. I was just reading something in Boundless. The writer says:
I believe that sexual sins leave the deepest scars in people’s lives. We can be forgiven for any sin, but, for some reason, it’s almost impossible to forget these “sins of the flesh;” they seem to be seared into our conscience for many years to come.

Suddenly a thought occured to me that I hadn't previously connected. "Oh, I know the reason. Satan is a copycat of God. Just as Jesus uses flesh to redeem the world, satan will use flesh to drag people into hell. He'll use different means to go about it to by promoting not only sexual sins like masturbation, homosexuality, sensual lust and so forth, but also extremes where the flesh is evil aka Gnosticism."

I think I'll develop this thinking later. I really need to get back to studying.

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