Advent Blues


A lot of bloggers are commenting on the lack of devotion towards Advent. Noting that many people are already into the Christmas season directly after Thanksgiving. I have to say that I agree with them wholeheartedly. It's quite noticeable withing my own household.

Right now, the Christmas tree is being assembled. I hate to say anything, but I just don't want to see it up yet. I want an advent wreath. Before two years ago, I never even heard of a 'Jesse Tree'. It sounds like a nice idea, but we'll never see one. I've heard of people putting in characters to their Nativity sets as the Advent season progresses, but I assure you that ours will come fully assembled before Christmas rolls around.

I want to celebrate Advent. I've always been attracted to seasons of penance and preparation. Yet, the passing of Advent just doesn't seem to happen for my family. It's frustrating, and I wish something could be done about it.

For Christmas, I want an Advent wreath.

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