An Open Letter


To Whom It May Concern,

The opinions and views on this blog are my own. This is an online journal I use to write on any number of topics including my opinions, daily happenings, spiritual reflections and magazine articles. Any views that I have do not come from those who have leadership positions over me. The Catholic Student Center, the parish of St. John the Baptist, her priests and her employees should not take anything I say about them on this blog as anything more than blowing off steam. I do disagree with the Campus Minister Carl Ericson on a number of occasions, and I am in no way influenced by him or his opinions. He has never uttered a bad word about St. John's in the presence of me or the other students. He is a faithful and good employee. My opinions, on this blog, are my own and nobody else's.

Thank you
Robert Diaz, MI

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