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Warning: This will make little sense

For a possible article that will be submitted to Onerock

Flesh and blood. Focus on the sorrowful mysteries. Each mystery involves bleeding. Flesh. Satan parroting God by using the flesh of Man. Anti-christ? Dragging souls to hell with the flesh. satan uses temptation in either extreme, rejecting the flesh as evil (popular gnostic resergence of the day) or saying to be totally wreckless with it (sins of the flesh). The flesh is Holy and given an incredible dignity. Talk to Father Taylor. 40 days. Year C. Time of trial and cleansing. (boring topic) life making the way the way of the cross. the wood of the cross. behold behold the wood of the cross. looking to the cross. the passion of Christ uniting suffering to Christ. The elderly, unborn, disabled. suffering. Can the devil use the alleviation of suffering to his ends? No. But he doesn't like those who suffer for Christ. Those who are elderly and are suffering. Jesus used his perfect flesh for our salvation. Satan uses our imperfect flesh for our own damnation. Keeping the flesh holy. Not calling it evil, but sacred. Mary, the tabernacle. Joseph, model of priests. The mass.

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