I just came back from a leadership retreat that went very well. It went well because it was run Texas style, which is always the best way to do anything. Texas style retreats have a lot of activities, focus on spiritual growth and everybody gathers in circles and sings praise and worship music. You stay up all night, talking about any number of things, then, you wake up early and go to mass where the first thing you eat is Jesus. Yeehaww! The most amazing thing was that this retreat was held at St. John's.

Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't written in a week, but I really have not been in the mood for writing. I will try to get back into the swing of things so as not to break my new years resolution.

Oh! Fr. Mitch Pacwa of EWTN is coming to speak at St. John's. He's awesome, and if anybody is in the vicinity of St. John the Baptist, or is willing to make a trip to Oklahoma to hear him speak, please do. Tickets are a bit pricey, but I gaurantee that it will be worth it. Plus, you'll be helping the Catholic Student Center raise money for a new and bigger center to draw in more young Oklahoma Catholics. If you want, you can come visit me and see me in the kitchen making the dinners for the benefactors.

Good things happening at St. John's. Miracles do happen.

The Sibleys:

I'm not going to ask anybody to nominate me for anything. I know there are plenty of blogs that are five thousand times better than mine. While I enjoy recieving awards, I always thought it was in bad taste to ask people to nominate you. It's like trying to invite yourself to a party. It's just not polite. If you really and truly feel that this blog is worth one of those statues, by all means, nominate me. But, I'm not going to nominate this or the other blog I write for. Especially not Eternal Rebels, because we have not written anything in forever. We're making a resolution to write something every day starting february, but I'm not going to nominate any of my own blogs.

This of course is not an attack on any prominent blogs which nominate themselves *cough*Markshea*cough*. There are blogs out there that are so good they have earned the right to nominate themselves. However, I don't think I can consider myself in those ranks.


To Jay of Discernment Group blog. He has been accepted to the Dominicans. Drop by and give him props.

Finally, congratulations to the happy couple I saw preparing for their wedding before I left St. John's for home and a nap.

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