I *HATE* This Template


I really do hate this template. RC can tell you it's been a headache from the start, and the results of his effort were hardly worth it. This post box is too small, it's difficult to alter, and I still can't get the colors of the comment boxes and archives to match this template. It sucks.

The whole point of this design was so St. Anthony could always stay on top of the page while people read it. Originally, St. Anthony was really big so he could hide any ads that blogger was putting there. I wanted the new blog to be brighter. The last one was dark brown or purple (nobody could tell) with yellow text. It looked nice, but it was dark. I like what Liz did to the same picture of St. Anthony to brighten him up. I like the way he looks. It's very spiffy. I just hate that this blog is so restrictive.

I'm looking for a new template. Preferably made by somebody who knows something about CSS and Movable Type. All I want is:

1. A big picture of St. Anthony. Actually, THIS big picture of St. Anthony. I love this painting of him, and if you email me to volunteer to make me a new template, I will gladly send you the 282 x 402 image so you can mess around with it on paintshop and alter it to your design.
2. A less restrictive posting space. I want to post big pictures and quiz results with big graphics.
3. The colors must be light, but there must be a theme of franciscan brown running through it. browns oranges and yellows are acceptable. I think, however, I'd like to keep the main color white, as it is now.
4. The scrollbars should match the color of the blog. It's a detail I like.
5. The comment box and archives must match the colors of the blog.
6. It should have link buttons, like this blog does. They look something like this and they should have the same approximate dementions. These are for people to have a graphic that can be associated with my blog.

Liz designed these buttons. She focused on the hands. The buttons elise made focused on St. Anthony's face. I liked elise's better.

6. The blog designer must be willing to do this out of the kindness of his or her own heart because I am DIRT poor.

I'll talk to my usual friends, but if anybody wants to help me, I'm listening. I think, that I may take this template down, and put in a standard movable type template until I can get a new design. I wish I wasn't so poor and computer illiterate.

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