A New Blog Game


I thought of this last night. COnsidering that there are hundreds of members on the St. Blog's webring, some of them will get less notice than others. This game is to bring some of those unheard of blogs to light, and possible fame for a future St. Blog's Award. It's very simple, and all you need is the little stblogs webring code that should be on every blog in the webring. It looks something like this:

<< # St. Blog's Parish ? >>

The '?' button takes you to a random site on the stblogs webring. Press it, and a new window pops up. Press it again, and a new site will appear in that same window. Now, the basic rules.

1. Find a blog you've never read before and are interested in. It shouldn't be hard.
2. The blog must have been updated within the last month and must not be retired.
3. The blog should have the stblogs webring code on it. If it doesn't, then they're not playing by the rules. Don't link to them.
4. Link to the blog in an entry with a short description.
5. If you like the blog enough, put it in your permanent links.

My results will come at the end of the day. Play along!

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