Can't Sleep


For some reason, I'm having a really difficult time sleeping. It's probably all the anxiousness I'm experiencing for the upcoming dinner on Monday night. Fr. Pacwa is already in town, and he may come to the center tonight. I'm really excited. I still have a lot on my mind as I prepare for Lent. The thing I like the most about lent is that it gives me an opportunity to increase discipline in my life. That's why I'm so hard on myself and set so many disciplines. I write down a set prayer list. One thing which I did last year, and have decided to take up as an annual practice is to pick a psalm or some verse in the bible that reflects the thing that I want to change about myself during Lent. Last year, it was Psalm 51. I'm thinking of going with Psalm 101, and focus on improving my reluctance to hurt people's feelings. I still may go with a penitential psalm though. Suggestions are appreciated.

Since I already practice fasting on Fridays (which every Catholic is obliged to do), I have decided to increase my abstaination from meat to all of Lent.

Now, here's my question for any priest or canon lawyer or even somebody who knows better than me.: Do 'meat juices' count? Can I eat soups that have a chicken or beef broth in them as a base? Would I break any abstaining laws by drinking chicken boullion? I need to know since I'm thinking of buying soups which may contain such things. I know eggs and cheese don't count, but what about broths, stocks and consommé?

Please pray that I get peace of mind so that my sleep patterns return to normal.

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