Fr. Pacwa


Last night, Fr. Pacwa spoke at St. John's. He was fantastic, and I took notes. He talked about how different modern philosophies have affected Catholicism and what we can do about it today. The title was "Some Heard Thunder...Some Heard God". It's the working title of a book that will come out soon. I had the pleasure of talking with Fr. Mitch Pacwa when he came to the center the night before the speech. He gave us a synopsis of his homily for the Sunday. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Fr. Pacwa celebrate mass. That was a shame.

Anyway, his basic message to the college students was to trust God completely, and you can do anything and if we use our gifts to promote the Catholic culture, the world would improve immensely. He told us about how Mother Angelica started EWTN on just 200 dollars and I finally got to ask him for an interview which I'll probably do online.

He's such a nice person. I recommend everybody try and get him to talk in your town. Luckily for us college students, he's coming back next January.

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