Insomniatic Blog Hunt


Alright, while I wait for precious sleep to come, I guess I'll find some sites to look at. I'll know it's time to sleep when my eyes have trouble focusing.

1. haLf-baKed 'tAteRs

I really enjoyed this blog, and will probably end up putting it on my permanent links. I should probably do so since this person was so kind to add me to theirs. Anyway, this is Jermaine's blog, and I'm pretty sure Jermaine is a girl. Most guys are incapable of being this honest in their writings, and few are as this intelligently reflective in their spiritual life. A fine blog which I highly recommend.

2. Life With Jacob

It looks like a website made entirely of blogs. Hmm

3. Credo ut Intelligam

A German blog. I can't read it, but I found it!

4. DaveTown

A blog with poetry and quotations and political commentary.

5. Blurry Flurry

A friend of Onerock! How cool is that?

Ah, blessed sleep is finally clouding my mind and taking any ability to type or think clearly. Thank you, Jesus! I'll probably end up sleeping late, so it's a good thing I went to the vigil mass. So tired...can't focus on computer screen....zzz...

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