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I'm sorry I haven't written. SBC had some issues with Oklahoma, so I haven't had internet access. This is unfortunate, because I wanted to put some arguments in response to a blog. For now though, I'll post five new sites I found on my blog hunt.

1. A Plumbline In The Wind

This guy is no lazy blogger. He writes whole articles on his opinions. Luckily for him, none of his opinions are boring.

2. The Theoscope

Didn't get a good look at it, but it seems very POD.

3. A Thing Worth Doing

A Chestertonian titled blog, like Eternal Rebels (which I will begin plugging every opportunity I see)!

4. The Southfarthing Soapbox

I didn't know this guy had moved, but, I'm glad he still links to me. Check out this hobbit's impressive weblog.

5.Out Loud

A woman who comments on the news. Nice layout.

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