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1. Prince of Roses

I don't know who this is, but they have such an amazing way with words. I could only hope to write like this. Please, check this blog out. This person rarely updates, but it's obvious that when she does, what comes out is beautiful. An example:

Envy is a kind of death that promises no resurrections. It is a strangling fig, a green fruit that leaches the surrounding ground bone-white and chokes the air with ash. It is as insidious as a knife slid home between the ribs. It is the poison we slip into each other's cups, as we toast to ambition with flints sparking our stony eyes.

2. Fly Fishing Galilee

A political Catholic blog. Quite witty.

3. Whispers in the Wasteland

A Movable Type blog. This person needs to update more often, but I like what I see. It is run by a man named Robert H. LeBlanc.


A stylish blog written by a convert nurse. This person needs to write more often, but I enjoyed reading what she had to share.

5. Catholic Down-Under

A blog run by an Aussie.

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