As was my custom last year, I shall be denying myself the internet for Lent, except for Sundays. I will try to write something each sunday as a sort of progress report on my lenten journey. I have a heavy prayer schedule and I also plan on making a discipline of waking and sleeping at certain times of the day. I'm taking the Liturgy of the Hours along with a rosary and a litany of the day. I may throw in a litany or two as well. Anyway, here's what I have as far as litanies go. Assume that along with these I am praying the rosary, the liturgy of the hours and my customary morning and night prayers. On Fridays, I will be doing stations of the cross and one of the penitential psalms.:

Sunday: Litany of the Holy Name
Monday: Litany of the Precious Blood
Tuesday: Litany of St. Anthony
Wednesday: Litany of The Passion
Thursday: Litany of the Saints
Friday: Litany of the Sacred Heart
Saturday: Litany of Loreto

My goal for Lent is to give up depending on the world to help me, and instead put my trust in God and have him guide me. I pray that everyone have a good Lent and find joy in their prayers, fastings and almsgivings.

Lord, in Your forty days in the desert, You were tempted greatly by Satan. In these forty days, keep my family, my friends those who depend on my prayers and myself away from any physical, mental or spiritual harm. Through Your fasting in the desert, may we only desire Your mercy. Through Your thirst, may we find fortitude against temptation. Jesus, in the desert, I pray for strength against all temptation that will come this Lent. Through Mary, the mother of God, Queen of Angels, strengthen my guardian angel against any evil that may come this Lent. I gladly accept any suffering that you will for me, but only pray that You, in Your endless mercy, help me bear it. Amen

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