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Missed The Bus


Alas! I woke up on Saturday morning, had everything ready to go. We got to the place where the bus was stopping and stayed their until 9:30 AM. Unfortunately, we did not get the message that the bus was running late. I felt like crying, and frankly, I still do. I felt I really needed this trip to get away from the new stresses home life has created lately. But God apparently had other plans. So, I went to confession, adoration and Mass like I do every week, and I told God how ticked I was that He let such a thing happen to me. That I really didn't like Him doing things like that. Then, I thanked him for using my misfortune as a way of getting me a job interview at Target. I asked that he help me get the job. I go for an interview on Monday, so please, keep me in your prayers. I really need this.

I never asked Jesus "Why?" I didn't get to go to Missouri this year. Not that I didn't feel that was my place, I just assumed he had a good reason for it. I do feel He loves me enough to hear me out when I'm not happy with the things he allows to happen to me. That's why I told him how unhappy I was. On the other hand, I did end up praying the best rosary of my life in front of the blessed sacrament. I gave a good confession, and seeing an African priest give mass is always a treat.

At any rate, I now have the time to answer a personal question that Enbrethiliel asked to me through an e-mail. I'll get to that later today. Thanks to those of you who prayed for me. It is greatly appreciated. :-)

I'm sorry, I couldn't come up with a better title for this post. Titles aren't my forte anyway.

Throughout my schoolyears, I had constantly fluctuating grades that went between failing and mediocre. Now, as anybody who knows me can attest, this was in no way due to my lack of knowledge as it was to my stupidity via my refusal to do the work required. Throughout the years of fluctuating grades, I always made a point to focus on the good grades that I was getting whenever I had to present another bad report card to my parents. "Sure, I'm failing math and science, but look how well I'm doing in English and PE!" Such would be my response in the face of impending doom.

While it certainly was a poor way of weaseling out of bad situations, it did give me the gift to look at the good during situations that went very badly. This allows me to tap into that infinite source of Hope that is prayer and not worry so much when things fall apart.

So, why bring this up? It seems to me that there is a lot of worry out there in St. Blog's parish. Worry, tinged with a bit of fear and a few dashes of despair and betrayal over Bud and Bai MacFarlane's marriage. Bud and Bai seemed like the 'perfect' Catholic marriage. They apparently practiced NFP, had four kids, their whole family was consecrated to Mary and every single one of them is in the Militia Immaculatae. Their apostolate has brought many to Christ and His Church, and they seemed to be beacons of Christian virtue.

Since it is a feastday, I'm going to take a break from my blogging fast.

Last night, the Knights held a rosary for the unborn. While I found their poor reading skills distracting to my reflection on the rosary, I did get to spend time in the blessed sacrament. Also, my Gaurdian Angel led me over to the reading section in the chapel to find an old prayer book from the 1950s called Mary My Hope printed by the Catholic Book Publishing Company. I will investigate to see if this is still in print, but I wouldn't bet on it. I have a slight case of kleptomania which I have to get over. While I never steal anything, I do take things from places which I'm told explicitly not to take from. They're usually books, and I always return them, but not after I've read through them first.

So, I took it.

Here's the prayer that's inside for the feast of the Annunciation:

One More before I Go


Woohoo! Franciscans rock!

Vocational Prayer Request


Yesterday, I went to the National Shrine of the Infant of Prague. It's located in Prague, OK. Very nice little chapel. I gave my vocation to the infant, and said a short prayer to St. Anthony, my patron, to help me discern my vocation. I thought it was appropriate because St. Anthony held the child Jesus. I went to the gift shop and found St. Anthony medals. I have been looking for a new St. Anthony medal ever since I got here. So, I consider it a small signal grace to find one. I bought two. Now, all I need to complete my chaplet is some rosary hardware, namely, some chain, jump rings and those little bead eyelets that link the beads together, and I'll be set!

Anyway, my prayer request is this.: I'll be in Conception Abbey in Conception, MO for a come and see retreat. The place is run by the Benedictines. I have no intention of becoming one, but I was impressed with a glimpse of monastic life while I was there. Anyway, if you could offer some prayers for vocational discernment and for the safety of those of us who are going. Young men from all over Oklahoma are going to this thing, so please keep us in your prayers.

That means I won't be able to blog next Sunday. So, I'm warning you ahead of time.

Rejoice Sunday


My friend Elizabeth, a Byzantine Catholic and author of this fine blog, reminded me that today is Laerte Sunday in the Church. Of course, I probably would have remembered if my priest had been wearing rose vestments today. At any rate, it's called "Rejoice Sunday" because of the Introit sung during the mass. I was thinking how nice it is for the Church to give us a small rest in the middle of Lent. It encourages us on our Lenten fast and perhaps gives us a sorely needed second wind.

Lent can be disappointing, especially if you take it seriously. Some of us become easily discouraged as we realize we haven't kept up with our penances, or have fallen back into the habit of the habitual sins we've given up. I confess, I've fallen year after year. I have yet to have a full fourty days where I successfully stick to all of my lenten promises. Here, we have a small day, a weekend to catch your breath, look forward to what comes after Lent, and renew your promises to stick to it.

Obligatory TPOTC post


Reading what everyone elses reaction, most of what I think has already been said. The only thing that I notice is that I cried at very different parts than what everyone else cried at.

I cried at Peter's betrayal and his refusal to be touched by Mary because he felt he was unworthy

I also started to cry right around the point of Dismas' confession.

A beautiful movie.

Interesting Day


So, I barely had any sleep last night. As soon as it hit midnight, I got online and checked out what's been going on in the Blogosphere. More on that later.

The bishop celebrated mass at St. Monica today. He came to bless the new stations of the cross and celebrate St. Monica parish anniversary of eucharistic adoration. It was a very nice mass with no Marty Haugen. I loved it. Although, I hate to nitpick. I still wondered why we were playing the organ. I guess because the bishop was there.

During the homily, the bishop said, ""I'm looking for three men. Three men from this parish are being called to the priesthood. One is graduating high school, one is graduating college and one is in the middle of college. There may be more, but at least three men."

That was bizarre. I guess I need to get in contact with the bishop. I wonder who the other two guys are.

Fr. Hamilton, Smockmomma, click to read the rest of this. Everyone else can read it too obviously.

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