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So, I barely had any sleep last night. As soon as it hit midnight, I got online and checked out what's been going on in the Blogosphere. More on that later.

The bishop celebrated mass at St. Monica today. He came to bless the new stations of the cross and celebrate St. Monica parish anniversary of eucharistic adoration. It was a very nice mass with no Marty Haugen. I loved it. Although, I hate to nitpick. I still wondered why we were playing the organ. I guess because the bishop was there.

During the homily, the bishop said, ""I'm looking for three men. Three men from this parish are being called to the priesthood. One is graduating high school, one is graduating college and one is in the middle of college. There may be more, but at least three men."

That was bizarre. I guess I need to get in contact with the bishop. I wonder who the other two guys are.

Fr. Hamilton, Smockmomma, click to read the rest of this. Everyone else can read it too obviously.

To Fr. Hamilton, concerning HOPE

These people are BAD NEWS FATHER! They held a meeting last year at St. Charles Borromeo church with that spacey priest Fr. John Vrana. He wasn't the special guest, but Ingrid Schafer was. She's a psycho who believes that the Eucharist is only symbolic and that even St. Augustine taught as such. She believes in women's ordination and all that other kooky stuff. Mainly she's known to descent from the Hierarchical teaching Authority of the Catholic Church. If it weren't for one of the fine african priests in this diocese and a few young men entering the legionares of christ, and a particular member of the Militia Immaculata (cough cough) as well as members of Catholics United for the Faith, she would have gone unopposed. HOPE is a dangerous cancer in the church of Oklahoma. However, they're mostly middle aged or elderly, short haired women. So, they may just end up dying out themselves.

Anyway, when we were through ripping them to pieces, they went home pretending to be victims. They also had some sort of meeting at Rose State. None of us could attend that because we probably would have been kicked out. I have no desire to ever be in the presence of on of their self love fests ever again. Ick.

To Smockmomma concerning the anniversary of Texas Independence list.: You forgot
All Things Texan #21

Big Red. It's red and it tastes like bubble gum. One of my favorite drinks growing up in Texas. I miss it now that I have to live here in Oklahoma. How I miss you, sweet sweet Texas. *sigh*

Welcome Nathan of The Tower and also Revolution of Love

Oh, btw Peony

Eternal Rebels isn't dead. Just out of commision until we find a crop of young politically minded Catholics. Do you know any?

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