Missed The Bus


Alas! I woke up on Saturday morning, had everything ready to go. We got to the place where the bus was stopping and stayed their until 9:30 AM. Unfortunately, we did not get the message that the bus was running late. I felt like crying, and frankly, I still do. I felt I really needed this trip to get away from the new stresses home life has created lately. But God apparently had other plans. So, I went to confession, adoration and Mass like I do every week, and I told God how ticked I was that He let such a thing happen to me. That I really didn't like Him doing things like that. Then, I thanked him for using my misfortune as a way of getting me a job interview at Target. I asked that he help me get the job. I go for an interview on Monday, so please, keep me in your prayers. I really need this.

I never asked Jesus "Why?" I didn't get to go to Missouri this year. Not that I didn't feel that was my place, I just assumed he had a good reason for it. I do feel He loves me enough to hear me out when I'm not happy with the things he allows to happen to me. That's why I told him how unhappy I was. On the other hand, I did end up praying the best rosary of my life in front of the blessed sacrament. I gave a good confession, and seeing an African priest give mass is always a treat.

At any rate, I now have the time to answer a personal question that Enbrethiliel asked to me through an e-mail. I'll get to that later today. Thanks to those of you who prayed for me. It is greatly appreciated. :-)

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