Rejoice Sunday


My friend Elizabeth, a Byzantine Catholic and author of this fine blog, reminded me that today is Laerte Sunday in the Church. Of course, I probably would have remembered if my priest had been wearing rose vestments today. At any rate, it's called "Rejoice Sunday" because of the Introit sung during the mass. I was thinking how nice it is for the Church to give us a small rest in the middle of Lent. It encourages us on our Lenten fast and perhaps gives us a sorely needed second wind.

Lent can be disappointing, especially if you take it seriously. Some of us become easily discouraged as we realize we haven't kept up with our penances, or have fallen back into the habit of the habitual sins we've given up. I confess, I've fallen year after year. I have yet to have a full fourty days where I successfully stick to all of my lenten promises. Here, we have a small day, a weekend to catch your breath, look forward to what comes after Lent, and renew your promises to stick to it.

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