I'm Losing It


I made a promise to myself not to blog about work, but I have to get this out.

I worked from 3 PM to 12:30 PM last night. As a cashier, we have a book of codes that we punch in for the various produce. Produce usually doesn't have a bar code. 4087 is for roma tomatoes, 4080 is for asparagus...

I was asking a woman if what she had was green leaf lettuce. I looked at her, and asked very nicely, "4076...er, green leaf lettuce?"

There are a couple of things I've observed as a cashier. First: Women do make things difficult. They're the ones who always have their stuff organized on the belt, and they want everything bagged a certain way. Trust me, I just want to get you out of the store and on the way home as soon as possible. I ALWAYS bag the raw meats seperately!

Also, do not tell me to put all your chinese food products in one bag, or I will be tempted to make fun of you. I WILL give in to that temptation. This lady did exactly that. She also didn't want to put the 12 can box of Coke she had on the belt. Apparently, it was too heavy. So, she lifts it up, and says, "Is this okay?" I say, "It would be, if you'd show me the barcode." "Oh" So, she starts turning it. I just say, "I can find it." I take it from her, scan it, and give it back. Seriously, all she had to do was put the stupid thing on the belt.

I shouldn't generalize, it isn't ALL women who do that sort of thing. Typically the ones who do that are rude, stupid and usually baby boomers. What a worthless bunch of unhappy old women.


I like kids better than adults, because at least children are incapable of being stupid. They can be messy, ignorant, annoying, loud and even troublesome, but they are not stupid. I think that's why Jesus really liked children. They are incapable of the stupidity that we adults are prone to.

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