A week later...


Forgive me for not writing since my birthday. I have been very tired lately. Please pray for me.

I spent my birthday doing my consecration ritual. I went to a memorial mass for a deacon who passed away. I found it an interesting 'God-incidence' ,as my friend Janet would say, that on my birthday, I went to a mass to pray for a dead person. Perhaps my gaurdian angel was telling me, "Memento Mori". Afterward, I spent the night with my family at a buffet restaurant. Then, I went to my friends house to see a movie. The movie was Love Actually.

It sucked. Perhaps, that will be my first post on Popcorn Critics.

At any rate, it was good to spend the time with a couple of my friends.

Somehow, while I was talking to my friend, Kari the thought came into my head:

I wonder why the Bible doesn't say something like "What a nutty God we serve."

Sure, St. Therese of Lisieux said she loved God to the point of madness, but it's obvious God was already insane with love for us, long before He even created the universe. I serve a God who says that suffering is worth something. Yet, we live in a culture that justifies all sorts of evils because it wants to end suffering completely. Perhaps there is something or someone who is behind this quest to end the world's suffering. The devil would, at the very least, like to create the illusion that suffering is relieved through selfishness. That murdering my fellow human is ending my own suffering somehow. And, certainly, if that person is no use to society, then perhaps he shouldn't suffer either. God promises to end our suffering one day when He returns. But, if Satan is a parrot of God, then it's obvious he wants to create the illusion that suffering can be ended now on this earth.

But, that's just a passing thought.

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