Tidbits 2


80. I like my grey hair
79. I love the Virgin Mary
78. I became a Miles Immaculatae on my birthday.
77. I love singing with the voice God gave me.
76. I wish there was a way I could record myself so people could hear me on this blog.
75. I like reading.
74. Most of the books I'm reading are borrowed...
73. ...for an indefinete amount of time.
72. I regret wasting my teenage years on abusing my brother
71. In spite of me, he turned into a pretty cool guy, and an awesome friend.
70. I pray for him all the time.
60. I'm an introvert.
59. There aren't many people whom I would truly consider my friend.
58. All I want for my birthday is a spiritual director that I can trust
57. I don't know what to think of my parish priest, which is why he is not my spiritual director.
56. Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda.
55. The best Dr. Pepper I ever drank was in Dublin, TX.
54. I miss Texas. I love Texas. I yearn to go back to Texas.
53. Texas is the best state in the union, in my humble opinion.
52. Oklahoma...eh.
51. I have two nuns praying for my vocation.

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