Tidbits Part 1


I'm really enjoying the tidbits at Summa Mamas. I've always wanted to do a list like that, and feel that there is no time like the present to start.

100. Mark Shea would be nothing without me.
99. He stole my catch phrase, "Sin makes you stupid."
98. Luckily, he still has not stolen "Stupidity is contagious."
97. I don't believe my skin color defines my culture.
96. It more accurately defines my genetic traits, and some of my heritage.
95. I don't understand people's hang ups about skin color.
94. I seriously can't comprehend hating somebody for their skin color, or feeling like a victim because of my own.
93. I'm not Mexican. I am a United States citizen.
92. I am of Mexican descent.
91. I understand some spanish, and speak almost none.
90. My parents wanted me to have a good grip on the English language.
89. I was able to read at a 12th grade level by 2nd grade.
88. I read my first book at age 2. "Hop on Pop" by Dr. Seuss.
87. My first word was, "What?"
86. I love children.
85. I'm called to the priesthood.
84. My favorite Old Testament character is Jonah.
83. I was born on May 13, 1981
82. That's the same day that Pope John Paul II was shot.
81. As of this post, I will be turning 23 soon, and I already have grey hair.

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