I promise, next month, I


I promise, next month, I will FORCE myself to write something everyday on this blog. I don't care if it's stupid. I will try to not make it about work.

My knee has been causing me a lot of problems lately. I may have to go in for surgery again. I have a broken tooth which needs to be fixed, and wisdom teeth that need to be removed. I have debts up to my ears from college, and if they're not paid soon, I won't be able to go to college in the fall. Happily, I'm already getting one of the major debts out of the way, so that shouldn't be so bad.

I've been trying to offer up the pain in my knee. God blessed me to be a man who suffers joyfully. There are people that I offer it up for. People who need God's guidance in coming back to the Church. People who are slowly killing themselves through their sins. They're kept in my prayers.

My friend Janet Rose Wolf will become a Dominican Sister of St. Cecilia in August. I have to write a letter to her soon, and I don't know what I'll say. While I'm happy for her, I will miss her greatly. She was a great source of strength and guidance to me during my early vocation search. Janet was the only girl I've ever considered marrying, but she didn't return my feelings. I've never met a girl with more love in her heart. Please, keep her in your prayers.

My friend Sr. Carrie is going to be clothed and named in the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word on July 16th. I'm still wondering if I can attend, but I think my debts may hold me back. I'm preparing a gift for her though. Since her confirmation saint was St. Rose of Viterbo, I'm going to ask her to do a novena to her for my vocation to the MFVAs.

I have decided to go back on my diet, and get down to 350 by september 30th. More details on that later.

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