On Work...and Alcohol


Please forgive me for not blogging as of late. It's very hard when you've promised yourself not to blog about work, and at the same time have a life that pretty much revolves around it. I just refuse to dump my days problems on the reading public. I've resisted all sorts of temptation to blog about how to unload your groceries if you'd like to have paper sacks. Nor will the crabby old ladies who want to take their bad days out on me make an appearance on this blog.

That being said, I'd like to take a moment to tell you how much I want a Gin and Tonic. I haven't had one in long while, and I was going to treat myself to one on my birthday. Unfortunately, I never got around to it. Now that we're entering the summer, it is becoming a more appropriate season for a nice cold G&T. Some nice Plymouth Gin mixed with Schweppes Tonic Water and a squirt of lime juice over a glass of tonic ice is like summer in my mouth. Another added bonus is that it's a drink that doesn't make your breath stink.

I'd better stop before I start sounding like The Old Oligarch. As if that were a bad thing...

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