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My friend Janet Wolf has entered the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia. I am writing her a letter, and would like to give her a small gift. I gave my friend, Sr. Carrie Comitz, now Sr. Mary Faustina of Our Lady of Divine Mercy, a rosary blessed by the pope. I would like to do the same for my friend Janet. If there is anybody out there who can tell me how to get my hands on a papally blessed rosary, or even, out of the kindness of your little heart, send me one of yours, I would be most greatful. Maybe I can write the Vatican, does anybody know their adress? I hear that the italian postal service stinks, so if anybody has an extra papal blessed rosary on hand, let me know. I feel bad for asking, but she is my best friend.

The Handbook of Indulgences: Norms and Grants says this about the use of Devotional Objects

The Christian faithful obtain a partial indulgence when they make devout use of a devotional object (such as a crucifix or cross, a rosary, a scapular, or a medal) which has been rightly blessed by any priest or deacon.

If the devotional object has been blessed by the pople or by any bishop, the Christian faithful can obtain a plenary indulgence while making devout use of it on the solemnity of the holy apostles, Peter and Paul, provided they add to its use a profession of faith made in any legitimate formula.

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