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Pray For Priests


I have heard recently that there are three young priests in this Archdiocese who want to be laicized. I do not know the details or their names. If it is true, please pray for these men. If it is not true, at least you're praying for the priesthood.


What herb are you?
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I knew it. It could not be any other way. Thanks to the Summa Mamas for the quiz.



I wonder if I'd understand women better if I had a sister, or at the very least, be able to talk with them more easily.

Prayer Request


Keep Alicia's daughter in your prayers. I've had a similar surgery done, and I know how difficult it is to be without a hand for a few weeks of your life. Keep her daughter, and the medical staff in your prayers. Thanks.

Ubi Caritas



Ubi Caritas
composed by Maurice Durufle
performed by Coleur Vocale

San Giuseppe da Copertino


The Franciscans seem to have many of the mystic saints that I am attracted to. St. Francis of Assissi, my patron St. Anthony of Padua, and of course St. Joseph of Copertino all are noted for the stories about their miracles. I like miraculous saints because life would be rather dull without even the possibility of miracles. I choose to believe these stories because they're so fantastic. Whether or not they happened doesn't concern me all that much; I just want to live in a world where they could.

St. Joseph of Copertino was known to fly several feet off the ground while in extacy. Nothing but the sound of his superior's voice would bring him out of his trances. His miraculous levitation is why he is now the patron of aviators and astronauts. However, I like St. Joseph of Copertino because he is patron of students and test takers. St. Joseph had difficulty with his studies. There's a story that says that for his final exam, he had to give a homily on a specific scripture. St. Joseph prayed to the blessed mother, and likely through her intercession, his superiors asked him to give a homily on the one scripture that he knew well. St. Joseph gave an impressive homily, and they made him into a priest. For this reason, I recommend my fellow collegiates to pray for St. Joseph of Copertino's intercession, especially when taking an exam.

St. Joseph of Copertino, your awe of God and his creation is amazing. While you were not well educated in life, your spiritual knowledge helped you become a priest and saint. Pray for all students, especially those who have difficulty with their school work or exams. And may all students, through your holy example, learn to be in awe of our God. Amen

UCO Pro-life group?


As I have been in college for the past three weeks, an old desire has awoken in me.In me is the desire to start a pro-life group on campus. A group at the University of Central Oklahoma. Right now, I just want to get my grades up, and focus on my classes, but the planning of this group is going on 24/7 in the background of my thoughts. I'm doing my best trying to figure out the student government and it's procedures and layouts, trying to see what groups will protest me the most. Since I'm in the school of music at UCO, where a great population of the performance majors are homosexual, I get the feeling I'm about to become a very hated man among my peers if I go through with it. I question if I'm strong enough to take the kind of verbal abuse that's sure to come my way. One of the strongest liberal groups on campus is GATE, the Gay Alliance for Tolerance and Equality. They remind me of the pro-choice group at UNT. The pro-life movement in Oklahoma is almost non-existent here in Oklahoma. The parishes are more concerned with the death penalty around here. The last time I went on a march for life around here, nobody flicked me off. I question wether anybody really cares enough for me to start a group. The fact that there's no pro-choice group, or a 'feminist' group just makes that doubt stronger. If there aren't people who care strongly enough for one side or the other to start a group, why should there be a group anyway? Should I get the help of my archdiocese, or should I make it an independent group with lots of Christian students from other denominations? I know I don't want the group overrun by the college republicans.

God, whatever you will for me, please open those doors for me.

September 11th


For me, September 11th starts on the night of September 10th. I was talking to a friend online, and at one point said, "I shouldn't get out of bed tomorrow. The news is going to be bad." And unfortunately, I was very right.

Some Choir Humor


What's the difference between Altos and Tenors?

Tenors don't have to shave their backs.

Tonight was the UCO Catholic


Tonight was the UCO Catholic Student Center's first mass. It was Fr. Rex Arnold's first mass with the UCO Catholics. In my humble opinion, Fr. Rex gave one of the most reverent masses I've ever had the pleasure to serve at. He didn't rush anything, and took the time to savor the prayers. There were no liturgical oddities that I was aware of. Fr. Rex was ordained just this past June. If he continues to say mass like he did tonight, I predict another great priest in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.

There was a girl there who said her parents were getting divorced. I won't mention her name out of respect for her privacy, but please keep this girl's parents in your prayers.

Also, please pray that the UCO Catholic Students will soon have a larger center. We're proposing one with a tabernacle. The bishop wants the tabernacle in a seperate room. I don't. Please pray for us, and the new center, that it will be a place of reverence and worship. That the building will glorify God in it's architecture. Pray for the students and the staff

Passing Thought


This made me once again consider 'borrowing' a copy of the OCP mass intentions book that we use at St. Monica's and posting the petitions here.

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