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Fr. Rex Arnold wants some colorful linens for the altar, and a backdrop to cover the door. Both of them are to match the liturgical seasons. So, purple, red, white, green, pink, and black. Just kidding. No black or pink. We're usually not around during those times, I don't think. And I don't think Fr. Rex will wear black any time soon.

So, we're discussing how to get this done. I personally would like something that isn't a felt iron on of weat and grapes. We need people who can sew. I found THIS at It sounds like a fairly good idea, but I don't think we'll use those patterns, especially the "Trinity Triangle". What's up with that? That looks masonic.

Anyway, I'd like something that's going to last us, and looks like it belongs on an altar where the greatest of sacrifices is offered. We're going to get a new center someday that is going to look really nice. We should have altar settings which look good and that will last.

So, if any of you have suggestions, pass them on to me, and I'll pass them on to Carl or Fr. Rex.

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