Evangelizing My Barber


Fr. Rob Johansen comments about an article on Terri Schiavo. God bless that good man and his hard in telling everybody about this poor woman.

My barber talks about this case, although, he speaks about it from a very ignorant viewpoint. While it is obvious that Terri is not dying my barber thinks she is, and therefore the husband should be given the right to 'let her die'.

I feel very selfish saying this, but I'm worried about the future quality of my haircuts if I try to inform him about what her husband is trying to do (You know what I'm talking about. Never upset your barber and whatnot). What if we get into an argument? But I don't like it when people make ignorant comments about things they know nothing about. So, my question to you readers is how would you talk to a guy like that. What's the best and most succinct way of telling this man how things really are in the Schiavo case?

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