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Prayers Needed


This is for a private intention that I'll say involves school.



I'm a little wary of signing up for humanities classes at my college. Especially any of the world religion classes, or the philosophy classes. I have come across more than my fair share of fellow students who feel that the Catholic Church invented the Trinity at the council of Nicaea. Of course, correcting them is less than a pleasurable task. I'll have to take the courses eventually, but how to handle misinformed professors? Arguing with know-it-alls gets boring after a while.

Have Access to A Fax Machine?




I know the title of the infatuation post doesn't jive with the entry for those who know opera. But I liked the lyric. It's from Smokey Robinson's "Tears of A Clown". Sue me.

Yesterday, I had my musical jury. For those of you who don't know what that is, basically, it's when you go and sing in front of the faculty of the school of music and are judged on your performance. For many, it's a nerve-wracking experience. For my very first jury, I sang a fairly difficult piece. I'm wondering if this was a mistake, because now, the faculty will be expecting great things from me. Oh well.

The entire process involves preparing six or eight songs for your jury. You decide which song you perform first, and the judges pick the next song from the list you have provided them. The vocalists sang in Mitchell Hall Theatre, which is the main theatre for UCO. Please come and see our performances if you're in the area. *shameless plug*

I sang, "Comfort Ye My People" from Handel's Messiah. If you haven't heard this song, you haven't lived. It's very difficult vocally. I've been trying to sing it for years, and have only recently reached a level of vocal maturity where I can do so. I'm very proud to say that I rocked it. I rocked it hard. As soon as I opened my mouth, and I heard the acoustics, I just started milking the song for all it was worth, and any nervousness I previously had melted away. Instead of being in a room with four professors, I was in a hall filled with adoring fans waiting to hear me sing. I got to the last part, "The voice of HIM that CRIETH in the wilderness! Prepare ye the way of the Lord! Make straight in the desert, a Highway for our God!"

Whenever I prepare a song, it's not enough for me to just sing it. I have to invest myself into it, as if I were the character singing the song. Comfort ye is taken from Isaiah, but one imagines Saint John the Baptist singing it. So, that's who I pretended to be, and I gave that high note all hell with the fortissimo.

When I was done, the professors decided which song I would sing next, The gentleman in the back looked at the list, and called out, "Nina!"

Nina is attributed to Giovanni Pergolesi. The song is about a man who's girl, "Nina" has died. Basically, she's been lying there for three days, and the man is calling on the drums and the timpanis to wake his Nina. It's very sad, and apparently was written for Pergolesi by one of his friends who was helping Pergolesi mourn the loss of his cat Nina. It should be sung as though you've lost something very dear to you. It's always a plus to get that sad italian song every once in a while.

I think I did well on that song except for a minor mistake at the end which I refuse to beat myself over. I did well overall, and am waiting anxiously for my scores. Today, one of the judges saw me and said she enjoyed my performance, so that was nice of her.

I hadn't intended this post to go on for this long, so it'll be a two parter I suppose. I'm happy I did well. Please pray that I do well on the rest of my tests.



I'm a plane that was built around a gun! I'm an A-10 Warthog!

I'm infatuated with a girl whom I've only had the opportunity to talk to three times. I've had lunch with her twice, including today. It's so odd, I've never developed a crush on a girl this fast. I had it since the first time I met her. I don't know what to do because telling her I like her would likely put her off and make her think I'm a nutcase.

Today, when she and I went to eat at Panera bread, we had such a good time talking to eachother that I forgot to pay my bill. I left without paying, and had to go and pay for my meal after mass. I just forgot about everything, and for the first time since this time for finals began, I felt happy. After about an hour or so, she asked me what time it was, and I accidentally blurted out, "I don't know. I always forget about the time when I'm with you."

Then we left, and I didn't pay my bill. I had to come back and pay it after mass. At least my conscience is clean as far as the bill goes. But, I'm just shocked that I could forget something as basic as that.

Anyway, what do I do? Should I ask her out again? Should I tell her? If so, when? I haven't found a way to see her on a more regular basis, so I'm not sure what to do.

Abortion is never funny


Even when it's being used as a parody.

I'm beginning to feel like Fr. Sibley linking to these weird sites.

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