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My father, mother and I are all suffering from some sort of evil head cold. My father seems to have gotten the worst of it. My mother also suffers from a lot of stress from family matters outside the home, so her being sick isn't helping much. I have been able to function for the most part, but my nose is so runny and I have the blahs. Please keep my entire family in your prayers that we can all get over our illness quickly.


I had bronchitis at the begining of last week was out sick from work, and as soon as I got over it, had to drive from Charllotte to Baton Rouge for a funeral in a never-ending rainstorm for 14 & 1/2 hours, with two kids with the croup. Suffice it to say, i got sick again, and have had this just evil bastard of a cold, the kind that sits in your chest just below your throat, and when you cough it really, really hurts. So i can sympathize wioth your folks.

Glad to see you've got the Pro-Life group on the rise!

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