Lent Approaches

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You know what secret we need to keep among us good Catholics?

Ash Wednesday isn't a holy day of obligation.

I say, if it gets them (Catholics who only come to mass on days when you get stuff) here at least one day more than it would if they didn't know, then the better it is for them.

Anyway, I've been thinking that I seriously need to write more in this blog, and I need to write more things of substance. I was talking things over with a friend, and I stated that I really have no idea what my blog is supposed to be about. I suppose it's a devotional blog, but I never intended it to be. Since there are a number of things that you can't really talk about on a devotional blog. On the other hand, women seem to have the market cornered on that particular blog niche, and a male voice might be suited towards it.

I really would like to keep this in a free thought format, but set more rules for myself when it comes to what I write. No more one sentence entries, and I'll have to learn how to come up with better titles for said entries as well.

So, here are my plans for the blog during Lent

1. Write every day in my blog, and it has to be on some devotional subject, and it must be at least three paragraphs long.
2. As the palms burn down to ashes on Wednesday, so too will the template for this blog. I hate it so much. I've gone into the inconveniences it causes on an earlier post. The template will gone, and I'll probably return it to one of the movable type stock templates
3. Start looking around for somebody who can design a nicer template. Or, learn how to desing a new one all by myself.

As far as what I plan to do in my real life?
1. I'm going to go to daily mass on those days that do not conflict with my class schedule
2. I will abstain from meat for lent
3. Do more devotional reading.
4. Offer up the success of the UCO pro-life group in my prayers.

Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday. So, everybody enjoy your pancakes.

May God bless you all during the lenten season.


So you let the secret out...now the lazy Catholics have something to argue with their parish priest.

Well, honesty is still the best policy. But we are not always obliged to tell the whole truth to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Intentionally deceiving others, however, even for good causes, does not do good to the persons deceived.

You have a good Lent project. Trust it to the hands of God and ask His help. Ask your dear ones to pray for you. Temptations will be great, but God's grace is even greater. Just make sure with a competent priest that your resolution is realistic to your situation.

a not very good Catholic signs

I shouldn't have said I was a good Catholic, that's less than humble. I meant to say us Catholics who come to mass more often than on the days you get stuff.

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