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Please pray for me. I

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Please pray for me. I have a lot of soul searching concerning my degree that I have to do over the next few days. Pray that whatever I decide, it be God's will. I'm feeling kind of burdened, and I could use as many prayers as you can afford.

I will be writing a response to this editorial tonight. This is from my college newspaper. I'll fisk it for now and write the real letter later. This article is printed in The Vista, the newspaper for the University of Central Oklahoma.

Strong language follows. This post is not for children.

Terri Schiavo II


It seems that stupidity has become the new black.

Last night, I was watching the op ed piece done by a local news anchor. He said that Terri Schiavo should not be starved. One person wrote in saying something to the effect of:

"While it's true that Terri Schiavo is not being kept on traditional life support, a feeding tube is a type of life support..."

That is when my brain did it's automatic 'defense against stupidity', and I didn't hear the rest because whatever followed couldn't have been any better. Apparently, my drinking and eating is a form of extraordinary life support. Maybe my mother had the right to kill me when I was a small infant because I was incapable of bringing a spoon to my mouth.

I see other bloggers complaining about the same thing now, as Terri continues to die.

I always used to say that stupidity is contagious. It was something I always added mentally every time Mark Shea noted that sin makes you stupid.

Sin makes you stupid

stupidity is contagious

stupidity kills

Therefore, sin kills.

Yes, that is what we're seeing here, we are seeing how the sins of a nation which has so darkened it's own conscience is finally killing a grown woman, and quite possibly thousands of others.

Palm Sunday


Every Palm sunday, every year, I'm amazed at how much God loved us. I am reminded of what true power is. Jesus reminds his disciples that he could call angels down to protect him, but he refuses, because he knows he needs to do what he is called for. He does this even though he has a sorrow so strong in his heart that it could kill him. I wish I could be that strong by even a small fraction.

Thank you, Jesus.

Terri Schiavo

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This is my first blog post ever on Terri Schiavo. I haven't written about her because I felt like there was not anything I could add to it. Also, ever since I learned about Mrs. Schiavo, I thought things looked fairly hopeless. My defeatist attitude kept me silent, and for that I should be ashamed.

The other night, I was watching my favorite episode of the Twilight Zone. It's called "The Obsolete Man" and it stars Burgess Meredith and Fritz Weaver. I think it's my favorite because the message it gives is so pro-life. I won't go into what it's about because it will sway me from my main point, but I will tell you the last line of the episode. This line is what makes it my favorite episode:

"Any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man, that state is obsolete."

Every day, our children giggle at the kids who have to ride the special bus for the handicapped children. Our doctors strongly suggest to parents who don't know better that their children will have some sort of dehabilitating disease or deformity, and that they should kill their child to save themselves the inconvenience. Elderly members of society are thrown into homes to be forgotten by their children. Our way of thinking about eachother is obsolete.

As Terri Schiavo, at the time that I'm writing this, now begins to slowly die of starvation, we need to rethink our obsolete ways, and teach our children to think differently too. It seems that there will always be bigotry in this fallen world, but the culture of death is probably the most bigoted culture we have cultivated so far. It discriminates not on the color of skin or social status, but on wether one person is inconvenient to another in some way. If our society is a society where inconvenient people are obsolete, then we might as well just start blowing away our annoying co-workers. Pretty soon, there will be nobody left.

How did we get to the point where we now are allowing a woman to starve to death without even viaticum to comfort her? I believe that it's because we live in a world that no longer knows how to love. We're so selfish that we forgot that sacrificing for eachother is what love is really all about. Sacrificing time, prayers, our own lives for eachother. We would rather have the short moments of pleasure that selfishness grants us then the intense long and burning pain that suffering through love can cause us. Now, a man who finds his wife inconvenient, and our legal system will have a new and terrible stain of blood on their hands. Until we change, we will be left like Lady Macbeth saying with futility "Out, damn spot."

But like lady Macbeth, the spot will not be on our hands, but on our souls. Let us pray to God to teach us what true love is. While you go to mass to pray for Terri, while you fast, remember to pray for the collective souls of a nation which is willing to kill a woman this way. Pray that God doesn't find us obsolete, and spares his hand so that we can repent of this terrible crime.

I still feel like I haven't said anything worthwhile, but this is what I can offer for now, I pray that it inspires something in somebody.

A New Order?


Fr. Frank Pavone is calling for young men interested in starting an order for priests dedicated to defending life. I think this is an excellent idea, and will contact him but tell him I'm still discerning with the MFVAs at the moment. However that discernment time ends will determine what my next step will be. Anyhow, read the article

Help Wanted for Life

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