Terri Schiavo II


It seems that stupidity has become the new black.

Last night, I was watching the op ed piece done by a local news anchor. He said that Terri Schiavo should not be starved. One person wrote in saying something to the effect of:

"While it's true that Terri Schiavo is not being kept on traditional life support, a feeding tube is a type of life support..."

That is when my brain did it's automatic 'defense against stupidity', and I didn't hear the rest because whatever followed couldn't have been any better. Apparently, my drinking and eating is a form of extraordinary life support. Maybe my mother had the right to kill me when I was a small infant because I was incapable of bringing a spoon to my mouth.

I see other bloggers complaining about the same thing now, as Terri continues to die.

I always used to say that stupidity is contagious. It was something I always added mentally every time Mark Shea noted that sin makes you stupid.

Sin makes you stupid

stupidity is contagious

stupidity kills

Therefore, sin kills.

Yes, that is what we're seeing here, we are seeing how the sins of a nation which has so darkened it's own conscience is finally killing a grown woman, and quite possibly thousands of others.

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