Canned Music At Mass

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So, I have been attending a typical Oklahoma parish. In other words, the music sucks and liturgical abuse runs amuck. (ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST! ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST!).

That's not fair, I shouldn't say that. I know the Ragemonkeys run very orthodox parishes as far as the liturgy is concerned. And better priest and gentlemen are hard to find anywhere.

Anyway The other day, I heard them singing a contemporary Christian song over a karaoke track during the reception of the Eucharist. I'm pretty sure this isn't allowed, but I don't have any definite way of proving it. It's even worse when I have to tolerate singing "Agnus Dei, you take away-ee the sins of the world" every week.


So why do you continue attending Mass there ???
If your not going to confront Father M or Archbishop B and you know what they are doing is wrong....why do you committ the sin of human respect with your silence ?

Well, now that I re-read that sounds point is sounds like your not being fed please accept an open invitation to pray the Latin Mass with us.....where people pray the Liturgy with reverence and the the Mass is all but 'celebrant proof'.....

Yeah. "Canned music" really annoys me. The thing that makes it worse is that people don't see it as inappropriate. I've cantored a capella, and I'll do it again, rather than use canned music. I don't care if it makes the congregation uncomfortable. For a thousand years, when chant ruled the roost, there wasn't any organ or guitar or any of the silliness they are coming out with now.

Hah.. I've cantored with no microphone and no lights and no electricity whatsoever. Maybe that's your solution! Go blow up the church fuse box immediately before Mass so they can't use the Kareoke player!!!

Massive Cremation... hehehe

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