Freshmen and my Psychology Class

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I just realized that this is the first college I have attended where I've stayed long enough to witness a new freshman class come in. It's funny how I forgot that I knew so little about the campus and how it works when I first came here. Strange how I almost feel like they're invading my space just by their presence. I do not want to have to get used to new faces, but I suppose that is the nature of things.

Something about what my psychology teacher said today in class bothered me. I could have sworn my psychology teacher said that society determines what mental illness is. Her example went something like "If we decided that only people with hats were sane, and only one person wore a hat in a class of 10, then we could say that 9 out of 10 people were mentally ill."

This really bothers me, as it seems to be saying that there are no absolutes when it comes to the human mind and society in general. It sounds like she's saying that we as humans decide what is right and wrong. Consider me bugged. If you're out there, what say you? Should I be worried about this class?


well what your psychology teacher probably tried to say was be Roman in Rome. You must be in harmony with your surroundings. It's quite logical on her part to be like that. I think because you were new to the place and felt alienated initially you had a problem accepting the kind of views that you received. It takes time however to adjust to A NEW PLACE AND NEW SURROUNDINGS, ISN'T IT? Let me know how your psychology classes are going now. Hope you are able to put up with her!! Vidya


I was disturbed in the same way by something a Psychology major friend shared from one of her lectures. The speaker was discussing delusions and basically said that what the majority of people in the world believe determines what is delusional and what is sane. The example she gave was Transubstantiation. Since there are a billion Catholics in the world, we are too many to be delusional; so our faith that wine turns into Blood doesn't make us crazy.

I wonder what this lecturer would have said about the Apostles and the early Christians, who were definitely few enough in number to be considered delusional. How can something be a delusion in one year and not a delusion in another year?

What I found really disturbing was the implication that something in Psychology, which is supposed to be a science, is based so firmly on a kind of mob rule.

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