The other night, I was talking to RC of Catholic Light, whom I have to credit with finally getting my new template to work (Snazzy ain't it?!). He worked many hours on it, and even fixed a humongous goof that I made.

Anyway, I was showing him the Chorus to "Now In This Banquet" by Marty Haugen. It goes like this

Now In This Banquet
Christ Is Our Bread
Here shall all hungers be fed
Bread that is broken
Wine that is poured
Love is the sign of our Lord

RC sent me an email with these new and improved lyrics, which I do plan on singing "in canon" as the song calls for it.

Now in our parish
no one is head.
By our own wisdom we're led.
Laws that are broken,
teachings ignored,
show we are each our own lord.

RC should really consider a job in liturgical music writing, if he's this good at writing parodies, he just might be what the ailing Catholic music ministry in America needs. I should have shown him the refrains that Marty wrote for Advent and Lent

God of Our journeys,
day-break to night
Lead us to justice and light
Grant us compassion
strength for the day
Wisdom to walk in your way

Lord, you can open
hearts that are stone;
Live in our flesh and our bone;
Lead us to wonder,
myst'ry and grace
One in your loving embrace

Anybody want to take a shot at it?

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