Confession and Mass

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Today, I went to confession. I hadn't gone in over a month, and usually, I try to make it a weekly thing. I feel very relieved to finally have the peace that comes with having my sins absolved. The readings on humility really got to me, and convinced me even more that the time for starting my pro-life group is now. I plan on doing a novena to some saints recognized for the pro-life movement, including St. Gianna Molla, Blessed Margaret of Costello, and of course, Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Anyway, during mass, this lady behind me was talking with her friend during the processional hymn. She wasn't even talking at a whisper, she was talking loudly. I finally got fed up with it, and while I was singing the song, I stuck my hand out in the direction of the yapping, and snapped twice. *SNAP SNAP*

I could feel her dirty looks all the way through mass, but I was charitable enough to offer her the sign of peace. I kept wondering what I would say to her if she confronted me. Thankfully, she didn't, but if she did, I would have simply told her that I was there to pray, and not listen to her talking to her friend.


Love and do whatever you want, says St Augustine. Do things for the love of God, caritate Dei, and you'll find the liberating and transforming divine power to accomplish what He has begun in you.

Pray for your Pro-life project.

I snapped (not my fingers, but my temper) one time when a girl decided to call a friend of hers as Mass was ending, got up while the final hymm was still being sung, CUT FATHER OFF as the procession was leaving the church-he had to stop so she could get by- and then she planted herself in the narthex to talk to a friend. I lit into her, but I dont even recall what I said. All I know is that she was very mad at me, and gave me such dirty looks that one of the other Priests walking up asked me what her problem was. I told him the whole story, and he said "She should be glad I wasn't standing here!".

I cant stand that ANYWHERE, and I will stop my oldest sons prayers if he starts to talk during them. the way i figure it, we all made an appointment to talk to God, and if you cant even give him an hour of your time, you have a whole lot of issues to work out. That phone call can wait.

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