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Looking Up II


I turned in my application to the Sub Stop. I met the owner and he told me to call back next monday. I am pleased.

Please pray to St. Anthony that I get this job.

Looking Up


My brother told me that the Sub Stop that's a couple of blocks from my house has a shift open for 10-2. So, I got dressed and went there about noon. It was a warm day and I was wearing all black. At least what I was wearing was somewhat cool and the walk was short.

As I was jaywalking across the busy four-lane road that seperates my housing area and the strip mall across from it, I noticed that they had tents outside. When I got closer, I read a big banner saying "Krazy-Dayz Sale" The whole strip mall was selling their goods at various prices in the hot sun. I took a look at some nice brown loafers. They weren't my size, and they weren't the color I was looking for. However, they looked like a nice pair of shoes, and if I had bad tastes in clothing, I might be more inclined to buy them.

Before I made my way to the Sub Stop, I stopped in a four star restaurant that few people know about. It is so small it only fits about 25 people tops. I decided to see if they were offering jobs as well, so I asked the girl who was setting up for the dinner shift. She was thin and wore a black shirt with charcoal grey pants. I made friendly banter and she directed me to the chef who owned the restaurant.

Her name was Mary and she was tempering some eggs with a hot liquid. When I asked if this is what she was doing she said, "Yes, I'm making crème brûlée". She poured the mixed liquid through a chinoise to catch any bits of eggs that might have cooked during the tempering process. As she was preparing the bain marie, we talked about my interest in food service and my desire to get experience in the kitchen. We talked about how amazing eggs were. She told me to come back every couple of weeks to see if she had a job opening. I promised I would. As I was leaving, she gave me a free baguette that had been pulled out of the oven. The aroma was intoxicating to the bread addict in me. I made my way to the sub stop, ordered a small meal and a couple of applications. After eating, I met the owner and shook his hand. I left and went to the Albertson's supermarket across the street. There, I picked up some olive oil and garlic and told my brother to pick me up since my hands were quite full by now.

My family and I enjoyed spaghetti, wine and some bruschetta made from the roll of fresh bread.

A very good day.

The Passion Trailer


I found a link to the Passion trailer. It looks mighty powerful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Let's pray that this film finds a distributor.

You need Quicktime to view it.

The Passion: Trailer

Update: RC of Catholic Light suggested you download the trailer first. To do that is pretty easy:

1. Right click on the Passion Trailer link

2. Select Save Target As

3. Download.

4. Enjoy.

Update: It is now available in RealOne Player and Windows Media!

The Passion for RealOne

The Passion for Windows Media



Stolen from Res et Rationes...because I could

The Official Robert Diaz FAQ
Section One: Vital Statistics

1.0 What is your name?
Robert Antonio Ramos Diaz

1.1 Describe your appearance
5'5'' to 5'7'' depending on which doctor I go to. I have black/brown hair with some grey hairs. dark brown eyes. I have a large build. I wear glasses.

1.2 What's your nationality?
American. I am of Mexican descent. Some spanish, I've been told some indian, and very little french.

1.3 What's your birthday
May 13, 1981. Yes, the day Pope John Paul II was shot.

1.4 Do you have any aliases?
Rob, Robby, Bob, Bobby, Bobberino, Bobbo (call me that and I'll kill you), Tex, Bubba (ditto for that one), Inspector Gadget

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